WASD to move
Space-bar to pause and bring up menu
“O” and “P” are action buttons

A gamepad is recommended to play this game (works with xbox and playstation USBcontrollers)


This is a monster collecting RPG mixed with a 2D fighter.

Collect critters called Kolossé. Find your favorites and customize their attacks and techniques to skillfully utilize them in combat and adventure


If you notice the game lag or buffer when moving from town to town, that is only because the HTML version of this game takes a second to load all of the assets from one room to another. If you absolutely hate that then download the windows version.


Nathan Ethington (IngoLingo) – Art, Animation, Programing and Game Design
Rhyme Lee (Rhymelie) – Music

To do list:
-Add the art/graphics
-Create a dynamic music system
-Add music back in
-Polish the menus
-Make the game juicy
-Finish the game

Development log


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